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Posted by Yonatan Sela on May 21, 2015

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Posted by Yonatan Sela on May 20, 2015

But a new critiqueof Regnerus’ work by Professors Simon Cheng (University of Connecticut) and Brian Powell (Indiana University),published in the same journal as his original study,Social Science Research (available free to most academics and for a $35.95 fee to the general public), suggests that Regnerus …

Tvinci joins the Kaltura team

Posted by Ofer and Ido on May 1, 2014


We are excited to announce today that Tvinci, the world’s leading pay OTT TV platform provider, has been acquired by Kaltura who provide the leading open source video technology to enterprise and educational institutions across the world. Since 2007, our team at Tvinci has been working towards …

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Posted by Yonatan Sela on February 17, 2014

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Spotlight on Ohad, Tvinci’s MediaStore Group Leader

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on January 26, 2014


When Ohad Malinovsky is not strumming his electric guitar or watching the Sopranos, he leads Tvinci’s award winning MediaStore Team. Today he talks to the Pay OTT TV Blog about how best to manage updating applications in a multi-screen world. Developing and maintaining many versions …

Spotlight on Oded Shafran, Tvinci’s DRM Maven

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on October 22, 2013


  A self-confessed TV addict with a penchant for all things Google, Oded joined Tvinci in 2011 and pioneered the multi-DRM solution. Oded currently holds the position of Group Leader for both MediaStore and DRM. Here’s what Oded had to say  about the challenges of …

Spotlight on Arik Gaisler, Tvinci’s Solutions Architect

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on October 7, 2013


Rock and roller by night, solutions architect by day, Arik joined Tvinci in 2010 as one of the first software engineers. Arik led the development of the Tvinci MediaHub and now holds the position of Solutions Architect & Infrastructure Development.  Here at Tvinci R&D we …

Spotlight on Ofer Shayo, Tvinci’s CEO

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on September 3, 2013


  Ofer Shayo, CEO & Co-Founder of Tvinci, talks to the Pay OTT Blog about the lessons learnt from deploying successful pay OTT services over the past year. Ofer is a seasoned Internet entrepreneur with a background in IPTV services, selected by Forbes as one of the …

OTT.I.am: my TV, my way

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on August 26, 2013


When Henry Ford debuted the world’s first assembly-line produced automobile in 1908, it was available in a range of colours. Once ready for mass production, Ford decided that to include too many colours would bump up production costs and he famously announced that “…any customer …

Spotlight on Adina Eckstein, Tvinci’s VP Sales

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on April 23, 2013


In this first edition of our Spotlight series, we interviewed Adina Eckstein VP Sales at Tvinci, who spoke to the Pay OTT Blog about current market trends and challenges. Adina joined Tvinci in 2008 and established and formed the Delivery department at Tvinci. Adina currently …