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Spotlight on Oded Shafran, Tvinci’s DRM Maven

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on October 22, 2013


  A self-confessed TV addict with a penchant for all things Google, Oded joined Tvinci in 2011 and pioneered the multi-DRM solution. Oded currently holds the position of Group Leader for both MediaStore and DRM. Here’s what Oded had to say  about the challenges of …

Spotlight on Arik Gaisler, Tvinci’s Solutions Architect

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on October 7, 2013


Rock and roller by night, solutions architect by day, Arik joined Tvinci in 2010 as one of the first software engineers. Arik led the development of the Tvinci MediaHub and now holds the position of Solutions Architect & Infrastructure Development.  Here at Tvinci R&D we …

Spotlight on Ofer Shayo, Tvinci’s CEO

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on September 3, 2013


  Ofer Shayo, CEO & Co-Founder of Tvinci, talks to the Pay OTT Blog about the lessons learnt from deploying successful pay OTT services over the past year. Ofer is a seasoned Internet entrepreneur with a background in IPTV services, selected by Forbes as one of the …

Spotlight on Adina Eckstein, Tvinci’s VP Sales

Posted by Yaffa Finkelstein on April 23, 2013


In this first edition of our Spotlight series, we interviewed Adina Eckstein VP Sales at Tvinci, who spoke to the Pay OTT Blog about current market trends and challenges. Adina joined Tvinci in 2008 and established and formed the Delivery department at Tvinci. Adina currently …

Digital content streaming challenges and approaches

Posted by Lionel Bringuier on November 8, 2011


Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) face multiple technology-related challenges these days. In order to get a deeper understanding of the happenings in this field, we have invited Lionel Bringuier, CTO of Anevia who deals with these challenges on daily basis, to answer some of the prominent questions OTT providers are concerned with when it comes to CDN.

Beyond Catch-Up: The Challenge for OTT

Posted by Anthony Rose on October 25, 2011


When I hear people talking about the challenges of building and running a VOD platform, those discussions typically focus on the technology – video bitrates, DRM choices and CDN costs – rather than what I think is the fundamental key enabler and issue in this area, namely creating and satisfying consumer desire for your content.
I’m a big believer that value and desire is not latent, it’s manufactured. As the media world morphs from one of limited supply (few broadcast channels) to one of unlimited supply (huge catalogues of readily available VOD programming), the real challenge is to understand and drive consumer demand.

Multi-screen Video Matures as it Goes and Grows Over-the-Top

Posted by Steve Christian on September 7, 2011

The content security aspect of OTT TV

The content security perspective of OTT TV – an interview with Steve Christian, Verimatrix:
“A key driver is to be able to cover the bases of additional screens in the home, which from a defensive perspective would gather eyeballs of competitive or niche services. From a more positive standpoint this raises the competitive bar for other pay-TV operators in the same franchise area or region.”